Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kudos to Fox "News" Channel.

So, FNC got to run the latest round of Republican debates. I'd like to say for the first (and perhaps) the last time, that they did a damn good job. Perhaps realizing their real job was to narrow a wide field, they asked some actually hardcore questions of the field Republican candidates, perhaps for the first and last time in history. Nevertheless, they held the GOP field to account. They asked tough questions, they challenged candidates on flip-flops, and they asked them to call each other out on disagreements. Furthermore, anybody who got name-checked in one candidate's answer was given time to respond.

Ron Paul: got the most time to respond to foreign affairs questions, since he was at adds with everybody else regarding foreign affairs. His take, just stop messing with other nations. Mass applause and cheering to every one of this comment. Positioned himself as Ron Paul.

Newt Gingrich: they hammered him on flip-flopping, since they had text of all of his comments over the past few years, seeing as how he worked for them. He called them on this, pointing out that those comments came from a "commentator" position which was in the moment; if he seems to have flipped, that's only because Obama flipped, i.e. the situation changed. Still, weak sauce for a candidate.

Herman McCain: positioned himself as the only GOP candidate who'e just a business guy, lacking any government experience.

Rick Santorum: positioned himself as the "morality" candidate, sharply ocmplaining about other candidates' appeals to "states rights." His point is that the 10th amendment is all well and good, but when it comes to what people are doing in the bedroom, the federal government should stop in and impose "moral standards."

Michelle Bachamann: if anything, her best message is that she's the only one of the field who's been in the trenches these past two years. Most of the questions regarding her record were far more recent than anybody else's.

Tim Pawlenty: He talks slow, but he isn't actually boring Some of the more rational conservatism to be found here.

John Huntsmann: Like T-Paw,

Mitt Romney:


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